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Ski course for beginners


3 evenings of 80 min. Group size: only 4-7 pers. Price 1900,-


2 days of 90 min. Group size: only 4-7 pers. Price 1550,-

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This course is for real cross-country skiing beginners. And it is also, of course, possible to join if you are a norwegian, as long as you are a beginner.
Remember that everybody is beginners on this course, so don't worry.

Aim Learn the basic of cross country skiing som you can begin to ski on your own and enjoy it!

Equipment: If you need to rent equipment, there is ski, boot and poles to rent at Tryvann. Near Frognerseteren. It is also a good idea to buy your own skiing equipment.

Program for the course: We will learn the basic techniques in classical skiing, so you can enjoy a bit of confidense and have great pleasure in skiing. You will learn how to ski in various terrain. You will also learn how to snow plow, meaning skiing down the hill.

Number of participants
Minimum number of participants on each course is 4. We will contact you if we need to move you to another course that suits your schedule.

If you are sick
You will get a new course if you are sick. What you need to do is to send us a doctor's statement and we will find another course for you.

Learn2Ski is not responsible for injuries if it ever happens, so this is on your responsibility. Having said that, this is not a high risk sport.


How to get there For a description of how to get to where the course will be, check this page. Check also this site for changes due to the snow condition. If there is too little snow the course will be moved to a place nearby or postponed.

Evening program